April Fool’s Day

What are the origins of April Fool’s Day? They are many, but my favorite is an old story from the early church that Christ began preaching on April 1st, probably in relation to an even earlier custom of dating the Resurrection to March 25th. I suppose none of that makes much sense, nor does the practice of playing jokes on unsuspecting “fools.” But in the spirit of God’s foolishness being wiser than human wisdom, as the Apostle Paul puts it, as April begins maybe it’s helpful for us to remember that as the church, we’re really preaching all the time. These days, the things we do often preach more loudly than the words we say—a welcoming smile, sending a team to Haiti, learning together with our Muslim brothers and sisters, offering food to a hungry visitor, listening and praying with someone at a time of grief or loss, being in worship to sing and praise God together—all these preach a word of hope in a God who makes all things new and whose “foolish” love triumphs over death in every form. Have a wonderful April—April Fool’s Day and all!

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