Summer 2015

May summertime bring to us all a bit of time to slow down, take some deep breaths, and simply be. While there will be lots going at the church, and lots going on in our family comings and goings, there’s nothing like a few quiet moments at the beach, or in a favorite chair, or on the front porch to be still and sit quietly in the presence of God.

I offer you this beautiful breath prayer, written by Rev. Mpho Tutu, Bishop Tutu’s daughter. As you inhale, mouth the words

“Be still and know” and then “that I am God” as you exhale. After a few times, being to let the last word simply drift away:

Be still and know… that I am God

Be still and know… that I am

Be still and know… that I

Be still and know… that

Be still and know…

Be still and…

Be still…


Summertime blessings upon one and all.

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