What Does Love Look Like?

Look around First UMC and ask yourself: “What does love look like?” Do you see love when you see the choir singing a beautiful anthem? Do you see love in the faces of the Youth Service Project Team? Do you see love in the childrens’ faces as they gather on the steps for the Children’s Message? What does love look like?

Do you see love in the bread and cup, the baptismal font? Do you see love on the faces of the ushers and Welcome Ambassadors? Do you see love all around you in the pews each week? What does love look like?

This will be the theme of our Laity Sunday on October 18, and of this year’s financial stewardship campaign. Ask yourself what love looks like to you here at First UMC. Then prayerfully consider the financial commitment you contribute to make it all possible.
What does love look like? It looks like God’s love poured into our hearts and unto overflowing gratitude.

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