Horizons – April

The Sundays after Easter bring us an opportunity to look at some of Jesus’ most fundamental teachings. We will explore questions such as: What can we really believe and how? What does it mean to trust in Christ? How do we become a “new people” in Christ known by our love for one another? How do we find peace at the center of our lives? What does it mean to be sent out in service and compassion to all the world?

Come for a new sermon series: “Christian Basics” as we explore together all that it means to serve a risen Savior and live in the light of his love.


APRIL 3:  Christian Basics: What Can We Really Believe?
APRIL 10:  Christian Basics: The Longing for Meaning and Faith
APRIL 17:  Christian Basics: Learning to Trust
APRIL 24:  Christian Basics: Love One Another

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