Horizons – September

week1-revisedWhat equips us, as people of faith, to persevere in, to witness to, to maintain hope…in a time such as this? The headlines won’t let up—racial tension, war, terrorism, climate change, refugees, earthquakes, floods, fires….God’s people and God’s creation are hurting, badly.

This is mostly not new news. And it’s precisely why God sent Jesus to “pitch his tent among us” as one translation puts it. And it’s precisely why God created the church. The church—the community of faithful disciples who bear witness, who point to truth, who embody hope, who serve the least of the least, who persevere in prayer, who give generously, who are known by their love of one another and of all God’s children, who defend the creation, who seek the paths of peace and justice.

I’m eager to Kick-Off this new year with all of you. Our worship theme for Sunday mornings is DISCIPLE. Across the Sundays of the Fall we’ll look at all the ways we strive to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. What does it mean to be his student, his witness, his servant, his advocate, his follower, his apprentice, his spokesperson, his ambassador, and his friend? What does it mean to live as his disciple?

I invite you into this journey of faith, generosity, and service. And while you’re at it—bring a friend!

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