Horizons – October

Growing up in the First UMC of Phoenix, Arizona, the senior minister spoke frequently about our responsibility as citizens as well as of Christian disciples. I remember that the church calendar in the Sunday Order of Worship always listed Election Day when it came around. Dr. Cain was convinced that we were to be informed and to take part in the practice of being a democracy by voting.

I’d say the same. It’s also one of the reasons we here at Santa Monica First UMC make our facilities available as a polling place. I hope there will be long lines of voters here on Election Day 2016. I’d also hope you are making every effort to be informed about the races and initiatives that are before us.

I encourage you to vote in light of your faith commitments. Our Book Study book for October—Public Faith in Action: How to Think Carefully, Engage Wisely, and Vote with Integrity—offers helpful, non-partisan reflection. It is designed to assist Christian voters in wise reflection to shape political and ethical judgments in light of our faith. It also encourages legitimate and lively debate over how to live out our core values as disciples.

Copies are available at the Hospitality Table. You might want to join the Book Study on October 30 for a robust discussion and soulful discernment. No doubt, we’ll be inking in differing black dots on November 8. What’s critical is that we’ve engaged our hearts, minds, and souls in prayerful preparation.

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