learning a measured response in a reactive world (or on learning how to not be pissed off at the world)

First United Methodist Church of Santa Monica

If you are like me, then you tend to be a bit hyperbolic in your reaction to normal, run of the mill, everyday kind of inconveniences.  These flubs in my day to day can elicit a reaction which is not particularly helpful or warranted.  More often than not it is not what I would call a ‘measured response.’

An example:  The other day I misplaced my wallet in my home for ~ 15 minutes.  I couldn’t find it anywhere, it wasn’t in its proper place, and I combed the house from about 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes of searching, I threw myself down on my couch where I decided that I knew what had happened to my wallet: it was stolen, and by now someone was draining my bank account and stealing my identity.  I was pretty angry and frustrated with this imagined thief and with myself for allowing something…

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