Horizons – September

It’s been exciting over these past weeks to see the work being done on our steeple. We are so fortunate to have been entrusted with this beautiful church. Now, with the leadership of our Trustees, we strive to be faithful stewards of it, with the foresight and financial means to make sure that everything is well-maintained and safe-guarded for the future.

Across these last many decades, our steeple has been a beacon of faith and hope in our community. Even in this era of internet and Facebook, I’m amazed at how many visitors tell me that they’ve found their way to worship and prayer here because they’ve seen our steeple.

The scaffolding that’s been up has been a great advertisement as well. Many neighbors and passers-by have stopped to look and to inquire. They, too, appreciate our investment in the community they and we love.

But with the work completed, I’m glad the scaffolding has come down. I was starting to have the feeling that our steeple was in jail, held in, restricted in the message it could send. It’s free again–and more radiant than ever.

Especially in these turbulent times, may its message of God’s love, constancy, and abiding presence in our midst exuberantly witness to abiding joy and peace.

​It’s time for Fall Kick-Off!

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