Horizons – November

“Now thank we all our God…”

Living in a sprawling metropolitan area, we are far from the natural rhythms of land and harvest. Still, November turns our thoughts to harvest and gratitude. We’ll gather ’round the table for a Thanksgiving meal shared with family and friends, giving thanks for God’s mercies, bounty, and love.

We’ll gather November 19 for our annual Church Charge Conference with our District Superintendent, Mark Nakagawa, to give an accounting of our mission and ministry and our stewardship of all the amazing resources God has entrusted to us at First UMC.

And we will reflect on our own personal stewardship of all the gifts God has given as we grow in generosity through giving in our “Say YES!” financial campaign.

“For all that has been–thanks! For all that will be–yes!” as Dag Hammarskjöld, former Secretary General of the United Nations, put it.

So let us gather. Let us give thanks. And let us commit ourselves anew to the future with hope God has in store for the whole creation.

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  1. Sally and Paul Wexlee Avatar
    Sally and Paul Wexlee

    Love you, Patricia! We still miss all of you all of the time!

    Sally and Paul Wexler

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