January 2018

2018! Already?!? Do you feel that way, too? Another New Year begins and after a brief respite during the holidays, we’ll soon be off full speed ahead.

Time is measured by calendars, yes, by schedules and appointments, by the demands of work, family, doctor’s appointments, getting to the grocery store, and just plain living from day to day. On top of that, there’s all the things you didn’t count on, didn’t see coming, really don’t have time for yet have to be dealt with anyway.

Our faith offers an alternative framework for time. It’s grounded in worship and prayer, in sitting still in the presence of God, in remembering that all time is a gift, sacred and holy. How might we hallow the time in this New Year, the Year of our Lord 2018?

Rejoice, people of God! Our God is with us—in it all, through it all, above and beyond and underneath it all. Let’s all take some deep breaths and live into the joy, the promise, the potential of all that this year will bring.

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