Horizons – November

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life…
It makes sense of our past,
brings peace for today,
and creates a vision for tomorrow.”
(Melodie Beattie)

November is a month-long festival of giving thanks! We begin with our annual remembrance of All Saints Sunday on November 4, grateful for all those who have gone before, that great circle of love that knows no boundaries of time or space.

We are grateful and we give thanks!

We celebrate our annual celebration of mission and ministry which we call our “Charge Conference” on Sunday, November 18. Led by our District Superintendent, Rev. Mark Nakagawa, we will share food and fellowship around our tables as we lift up all the incredible ways we have sought to be faithful disciples of Christ this year. In worship, service, praise, witness and prayer, we, the congregation of First UMC Santa Monica, continue to “Be the Hope” in lives near and far.

We are grateful and we give thanks!

As we have so generously received, we recommit ourselves to giving back, giving to support the mission and ministry of the church in our pledges and gifts. If you’re already pledging, prayerfully consider giving even more generously. If you’re giving regularly, try on the spiritual practice of making an annual pledge. If you’re new to all this—start by setting aside your weekly or monthly gift to the church. We will offer our pledges and gifts on Consecration Sunday, November 25.

We are grateful and we give thanks!

Together, with grateful and generous hearts, in joy and hope, let us rejoice, giving thanks for the past, finding peace for today in a world where no one lives in need or fear, together creating a vision for tomorrow that extends God’s love from our Thanksgiving tables to God’s children the world over.

We are grateful and we give thanks!

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