Horizons – April 2019

“Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best.” So said Otto von Bismarck, the first Chancellor of the German Empire, 1871-1890, master of realpolitik and balance of power diplomacy.

Happily, our God plays by different rules with different aims in mind. Otherwise, the sealed-up tomb might have been the end of the story. Actually, there wouldn’t be a Christian story at all, were it not for the fact that the stone was rolled away and the tomb was empty; were it not for the fact that our crucified Lord and Savior is raised from the dead, ushering in the Reign of Joy which fills our lives in every moment and points to life everlasting in the love and peace of God.

Our God never settles for “what is possible” or “the next best.” God reimagines “the possible” to open new windows to ever new hopes and dreams and visions. Our God is—now and always—making all things new. And with our God, nothing is impossible.

Come share in the worship experiences of Lent/Holy Week/Easter to open windows of new possibilities in your heart and mind and soul. Invite along a friend who may be longing for the same. The Risen Lord waits to greet you all and fill you with life-ever-new.

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