January 2020 Horizons

The beginning of a new year offers the gift of looking out over the horizon and imagining new possibilities of all kinds. Most of us make resolutions of various sorts around how to improve our personal lives. Whether or not we follow through, the burst of excitement and potential that we experience gives a nice boost to our soul and heart.

The beginning of a new year also affords the opportunity to imagine new beginnings for our community and world. The spiritual writer and teacher, Eberhard Arnold, has written: “In today’s world situation it is essential that here and there among people there continue to exist rays of light and hope, spiritual realities by which the unity of God’s peace and the [kinship] of true justice are recognized.”

As this new year begins, let us resolve anew to Be the Hope, as the light of Christ shines on us, in us, among us, and outward from us, bringing new light and life to all.

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