February 2020 Horizons

Many of you have seen stories in the press about conflict within the United Methodist Church and plans for our future. Unfortunately, much of what has been written is inaccurate. I don’t really blame the reporters—it’s sometimes hard enough for those of us in the church to sort it all out, let alone those with very limited knowledge of our history, governance, and polity.

I continue to work closely with a number of groups in the many conversations regarding a path forward. I will look forward to sharing these developments with you at our next UMC Report Back on Sunday, February 16 following worship and will do my best to explain where are, what is still under much discussion, and what may transpire between now and our next General Conference in May.

I continue to trust God’s presence in the midst of it all. I’ve even joked that when the Book of Genesis describes God’s Spirit hovering over the waters of chaos to bring forth creation, the story doesn’t tell us just how long the Spirit hovered until the time was right to set everything in motion!

I encourage you to hold steady and remain fervent in prayer. I believe that God can work through a less-than-perfect church to create something new grounded in love of all God’s children and empowered for God’s mission in the world.

See you February 16!

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