September Horizons – 2020

These weeks, now months, of worshipping online, of gathering church groups and committees on ZOOM, invite us into a season of reflection. For many of us, “church” was deeply experienced in coming together for worship and fellowship. Now, without the hugs and the hymns, without the donuts and casual conversation, we ask ourselves in new ways what it means to “be the church” and to “do church.”

Virtual hugs and donuts don’t really cut it, do they? Better than nothing, but still leaving a lot to be desired. Yet, while I very much miss all of that and all of you, I do believe that God is calling us to grow and go deeper.

How do we grow in love of God in these pandemic times? How do we grow closer to God? Prayer, reflection, Scripture reading, worshipping together online, nature, quiet, music, journaling, more family time?

How do we grow in love of neighbor? Checking in on neighbors, quick chats over the fence, reaching out to friends and church family through calls and notes, sharing laughter and tears, connecting to cross gaps of isolation and loneliness…volunteering to meet the needs of others in our church family and community…creating new ways to continue traditions such as the Blessing of the Backpacks…giving generously to support the ministries of the church and missional needs in the community…

As has been noted—the church has left the building but we are still the church! Might we find new ways to witness and to share our deepest values?

I’d love to hear back from you in notes, calls or emails, if you’re willing to share the journey of your spirit in these times.

As John Wesley said on his death bed: “The best of all—God is with us!”

Be the hope, dear church,

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