December 2020 Horizons

“For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all…” Titus 2:11

Christ was born into our world in a time when darkness hung over the land. It was wintertime and the longed-for Messiah seemed to tarry…

God had other plans, promised to us of old! A star lit the sky. A baby was born. The shepherds rejoiced. The angels sang. The grace of God appeared in human flesh and everything was made new. And all the earth was glad as healing and salvation came to all.

This is where new life starts, for our weary world and for each and every one of us. We reset our spiritual clocks and make time for new dreams, daring, even in the midst of the pandemic, to envision new possibilities for deliverance and wholeness. We open our broken hearts to the healing grace of God, who opens the way to peace. God’s peace comes to us as a healing balm, a reassuring promise and presence. Embraced in this healing love, we open our hearts, our lives, our souls, with anticipation and with hope. This is where new life starts.

I invite you to celebrate the season, inviting new life to be born in you in this time in which we need it most. It is the gift of God’s grace, bringing salvation to all.

My Christmas prayer for each of you is that you will find in this season a renewed sense of God’s love and healing presence in your life, new life bringing light and joy to you and yours. For in the Christ Child is born the fullness of life, joy, and peace for all. This is where new life starts.

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