April 2022 Horizons

Across these forty days of Lent, we have been reminding ourselves to carry something beautiful in our heart each day, something beautiful to help us keep our focus, find a new perspective, and maintain our resilient faithfulness through difficult times. We’ve also followed the ancient practice of the church to refrain from singing “Alleluia” in Lent, setting aside its exuberant joy until Easter dawns.

But it’s almost here! In just a few days, we will arise to hear again the life-changing world-transforming news of the Resurrection. “Alleluia” will burst forth from our lips and hearts.

Alleluia is an ancient Hebrew word, first found in the Psalms. It’s a combination of two words: “hallel” meaning “to praise” and “jah” or Yahweh, one of the names of God. Praise God. Praise God for who God is, for all that God has done, for all that God is doing, for all that God is still to do.

As we rejoice to launch into Eastertide, the fifty-day season from Easter to Pentecost Sunday, we will carry Alleluias in our hearts. How we need that joyful energy and power each day to face all the challenges and unknowns of our life journey. How we need that promise to remind us that what we see in the present moment is not all there is. God has created this world for peace, for joy, and God is even now creating a future with hope.

“Alleluia Is Our Song!”

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