Horizons June/July 2022

Summer is upon us! In the church year, this season is called “Ordinary Time.” Technically, it includes all the weeks that fall outside the great seasons of Christmas and Easter and their preparatory weeks of Advent and Lent. On the church calendar, everything else is “Ordinary.”

But that does NOT mean “ordinary” as in “not important,” “boring,” “ho-hum,” or “same-old, same-old!” Not at all! In church language, “Ordinary” comes from the root word ordo which means to order or to count. This is the time of year in which Christ walks among us and transforms our lives.

Think about that for a moment. Christ is walking with us when we take a walk on the beach. Or enjoy a picnic. Or celebrate a graduation. Christ is walking with us on a summer hike. Christ is beside us as we enjoy an afternoon nap. Christ is walking with us as we putter in the garden, do our chores, or get in touch with an old (or new!) friend. Christ is walking with us in moments of prayer and quiet reflection. Christ is walking with us through these summer days to transform our lives.

Christ is walking with us through the life of the church as well—worship, fellowship groups, study, Sunday School, summer at the Preschool, the Youth Service Project, Vacation Bible Camp, missional outreach in Haiti, Coffee Hour conversation, Blood Pressure screenings, committee meetings, and Annual Conference. Almost too many things to count—even if it is “Ordinary” time!

May God bless your summer with rest and joyful work, with renewal and transformation. Breathe deep. Smile. Sing. Remember that through it all, God is ordering our steps as the Scripture puts it, ordering all things in a beautiful creation of life, love, hope and joy.

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