Lent can be a deeply personal time for renewal and reflection. In the early church, it was the time when new converts prepared for baptism by prayer, study and fasting. This collection of writings is offered to you for your own Lenten meditations. Each reflection is unique, written by a diverse group of people from diverse backgrounds, sharing their faith and their stories. There is one devotion for each day of Lent, starting on Ash Wednesday, March 2.

Audio Lent Devotionals
First UMC is excited to present that the Holy Week (April 10 – 17) Lent Devotions have been made into audio files and recorded by David Penson and the writers.

Click on Audio files below to listen:

Palm Sunday, April 10: Written and read by Debra Wollitz, with David Penson reading the scripture.
Monday, April 11. Written and read by David Penson, who will also read the scripture.
Tuesday, April 12. Written and read by Dan Stirling, with David Penson reading the scripture.
Wednesday, April 13. Written by Spencer Dewald, with David Penson reading the scripture and devotion.
Maundy Thursday, April 14. Written and read by Claudia Flanders, with David Penson reading the scripture.
Good Friday, April 15. Written and read by Cindy McQuade, with David Penson reading the scripture.
Saturday, April 16. Written and read by Nancy Potter, with David Penson reading the scripture.
Easter Sunday, April 17. Written and read by Ann & David Wilson, with David Penson reading the scripture.

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