Lenten Devotionals 2020

The First UMC Lenten Devotional booklet, written by members of the congregation, is available in kiosks around campus or in the church office. You may also sign up online to receive the daily devotional by clicking on the Subscribe button below.

John 4:27-30, 39-42

In our scripture today, we hear that many Samaritans committed themselves to Christ, to a life of faith, because of this woman’s own faith in Christ. As we move through Lent, it is good to reflect on those people who have influenced our life and our faith.

Growing up in the church I have come to know so many extraordinary people that I have been able to model my faith after. So many people who have been the bridge that connected me to my faith. I was especially lucky to grow up with a mother who is one of the best faith bridges.

My mother is an amazing example of faith. She has given me every opportunity to explore my faith for myself. Growing up, she showed me that faith is not just going to church, listening to a sermon and praying. It goes beyond that. It is anything and everything. It is in the connections we make, the people we extend our helping hands to, the hugs we give, the songs we sing, and the conversations we have with others.

I hope that I can be a similar faith bridge for children participating in Sunday School, Messy Church, Faith in Action and choir. I want them to grow up knowing that faith isn’t one particular thing. I want them to believe that faith can be simply love, and that practicing their faith can be whatever makes them feel closer to God.

Jamie Jones

1 Samuel 16:1-13

Lord look on our heart
Seeking service. Be the bridge
Crossed. Become transformed.

Art Dodd, Jr.