Task Force

March 2020:

First UMC of Santa Monica has been working diligently with everyone’s safety in mind. We are working our best to prevent the spread of infection on campus. With that in mind:

  • We approach re-gathering with the utmost caution and care. We have protocols in place and continue to work hard in the direction of re-gathering. 
  • Our Re-Gathering Task Force met on February 10th to review the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on church services in California as well as the latest statement on in person worship from our bishop, Grant Hagiya. After extensive discussion, it was decided that we will continue with our online services only at least through Easter. At that time, we will reassess the statistics on the virus and other indicators, including levels of infection and hospitalization as well as availability of vaccinations. We welcome YOUR thoughts and suggestions, send an email to: task.force@santamonicaumc.org
  • We all affirm how very much we miss worshipping and gathering together. Nevertheless, health and safety remain our primary priority. LA County is still in the “Purple Tier” category, meaning that COVID-19 is widespread with most nonessential business operations closed. Despite recent decreases in the current COVID-19 surge of cases and hospitalizations, COVID-19 transmission remains widespread here in L.A. County. Additionally, COVID variants are more easily transmissible. 
  • We are working to be diligent in adhering to all public health safety measures, including wearing face coverings, distancing from others, and handwashing.
  • When we are ready to re-gather in person, we plan to let members know weeks in advance through various forms of communication and we thank you so much for your support during this time. Our priority is safety of all.

The First UMC Re-Gathering Task Force

Our bishop and the California-Pacific Conference have issued Guidelines for Churches as we prepare for the day when in-person worship might again resume.  To follow our Methodist hallmarks to Do No Harm, Do Good, and Stay in Love with God, the Guidelines are based first in the latest available medical and scientific information.  Doing all we can to protect the health and safety of our members, families, neighbors and community is paramount.   One of the best ways we can be a witness in our communities is not by holding tightly to our own re-gathering plans, but by demonstrating humility and a willingness to do what is best for those around us—this is what it looks like to love our neighbor in a pandemic. Powerful, vital, faithful worship is also always our goal.  

Our Re-Gathering Task Force will be meeting over the next few months to prepare a plan to submit to our District Superintendent.  Members include:  Paul Glenney, Jocelyn Hicks-Garner, Sam Johnson, Michael Lamb, Cindy McQuade, Jane Schmitz, John Stutsman, working with Patricia Farris, Tricia Guerrero and David Penson, staff.  Feel free to send your ideas, hopes, concerns and dreams to: task.force@santamonicaumc.org

As we continue Sunday morning and Messy Church worship together online, may God grant us wisdom, stamina, patience, assurance and hope!

– Patricia Farris