First UMC Community Pop-Up Library!

Living the Way of Love

First UMC is proud to announce the opening of the Community Pop-Up Library. The library was designed and handmade by First UMC member Robert Hedges. We thank Bob for his committment to this year-long process, and his craftsmanship that is apparent in the beauty of the structure. Bob says constructing the library “was an interesting project, and another type of ministry offered by the church. I hope the library benefits the local community for years to come.”

Others were involved in the making of the library as well: the architectural concept was developed by First UMC member Todd Erlandson, and donations of time and materials were thoughtfully contributed by Marisol Chinchilla, Anson Nordby, Phil Flanders, David Penson, Dane Rold and Eric & Claudia Warren.

We give thanks for the beauty of knowledge and ability to share with one another inspirational reading. We encourage you to take a book, donate a book – or share a moment with a friend. Should you have donations that won’t fit in the space, please come visit the church office Tuesdays through Friday. And we are always here on Sundays.

This article was originally published in the October 2016 Sentinel.

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