Upward Bound House

Home Run for Kids 2022
We celebrate the success of the 10th Annual Home Run For Kids with Upward Bound House. Thank you to everyone who participated to make this a wonderful and spirited event. The First UMC Church and Preschool team raised over $1,600 to help end family homelessness and make a difference in our community. A special thank you goes out to Christine Mirasy-Glasco, the President and CEO of Upward Bound House, (pictured above with Kim Defenderfer). We are so lucky to have such an amazing community!

Upward Bound House has established an extraordinary record of success in addressing family homelessness. Since our inception, we have helped more than 2,500 families including over 4,900 children transition from homelessness to permanent housing. Over 90% of these families were still in their homes more than a year after placement. www.UpwardBoundHouse.org

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