“The First United Methodist Church Preschool has provided a wonderful, nurturing learning environment for both of my daughters. The staff is caring, the campus is beautiful and the curriculum is dynamic. My girls love going to school. I couldn’t ask for anything more from a preschool.”
– Jennifer L. Scott

“Education runs in our family.  So when it came time to choose a preschool I toured several on the Westside and First UMC stood out from the rest and made the decision simple.

First and foremost, the school is authentic.  The teachers are very qualified, happy to be there and the program is very well organized.  Combined with play, it seemed to offer just the right amount of structure as well.

The space itself is outstanding.  The classrooms are large and it feels like a real school–not just a converted space.  In addition, of all the preschools in the area, First UMC has by far the most superior play yard.  This isn’t even a contest.

Also, it was the only school that I found providing a healthy lunch that is prepared on site daily, even for half-day students.  It also was the only school that I found that accepted two year olds that were not yet potty trained (and the teachers did an amazing job facilitating that process).

The sense of community is well established through highly involved parents and although our family personally does not identify as religious, the values and lessons taught during the brief weekly chapel services we did not find to be overbearing or encroaching on our system of beliefs.

Overall, our experience has been outstanding and my daughter has grown tremendously.  Would not have changed a thing.”

– Scott Bailey

Ms. Tonia & Ms. Kimberly,
I wanted to share a nice story with you. I was sitting quietly with Gracie last night, trying to get her to go to sleep, and unsolicited she said:
“I love school…I want to have my birthday party at school.”
That is an incredible endorsement for a 2.5 year old, particularly when her birthday is not until October!
Rachel and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you both for all you do and for creating such a wonderful environment for our daughter to learn.

– Frank

“Over the past three years, First UMC Preschool has become a home for us and it will always live in our hearts. I LOVE bringing Ben to school every morning. It is truly the perfect way to start my day. I have always felt loved, welcomed and a sense of comfort at your school. And I have always known that Ben was in the perfect environment with nurturing teachers. He has made lifelong friends and our family has as well.

My mom was a tremendous advocate for education. She always stressed the importance of education. And she got to visit FUMC twice with me. That meant a lot. Spiritually, I felt like she “knew” where he was so she could take care of him.

I am not naive. I know that Ben will not always have the advantage of having incredible teachers every year – like he did at First UMC. But, I wish he could. He still visits Room 108 EVERY morning to give Ms. Brenda and Mrs. Amy hugs. To me, that speaks volumes about his love for his school and his respect for his teachers – both past and present.

Ben is very brave. I know that he will do well in kindergarten. As for his mama, I wish I could say the same.

Thank you for a wonderful experience for Ben and for all of us. I will treasure it forever.”
– Danielle Mason

“My reasons for recommending First UMC Preschool of Santa Monica:  1) Loving teachers and Staff who provide many wonderful social and academic learning opportunities that will ensure my child is well prepared for the demands of kindergarten and beyond.  2) An inviting and welcoming community full of support of kindness, where friendships are formed that will last a lifetime.  3) A sense of calm each day I drop my child off – because I know he is well cared for- even in my absence.  4) A sense of pride knowing that I was able to provide my child with such a rich and loving learning environment.  My son’s experience at First UMC Preschool is laying the foundation for a lifetime of success.  I have loved being a part of First UMC Preschool, I will truly miss everybody!  Thank you, for this amazing experience.”
– Mollie Esposito

“Our family has a very special connection to the preschool, which spans across three generations. The values taught by the school align with our own family values. We are grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community.”
– The Tarvin/Meyer Family

Dear Ms. Yessica, Ms. Debra & Ms. Spector,

“Let’s run!”

That is what Madeleine says to me every morning as I get her
out of her car seat and we head for the school. She loves the
school, each of you, her classmates and her experience of the

As a lifelong educator myself, I have been a teacher, principal,
school superintendent and state education commissioner. I have
also helped raise two great children who have produced five
amazing grandchildren.

As Maddy’s grandfather I bring her to school and collect her
at the end of the day. I see and hear, and feel a lot about
the school. I have been in many, many schools and pre-schools
in various communities: First UMC is in the very top group in
every respect: personal, social, emotional, academic, and values

I want to salute the amazing school you have created and
applaud your personal contribution to it. I will forever be
grateful for what you have given Madeleine. And the lessons
she brings forward from First UMC pre-school will propel her
into a life of goodness, service and joyful participation. I love
your quote on the webpage: “It is the supreme art of the teacher
to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert

You walk that talk. Thank you.

 – Thomas C. Boysen, Ed. D

“On your tour, I was inspired by your understanding of how young children learn and express their ideas. I was also blown away by your patience in answering our many questions. You have a beautiful campus and a special school. We hope to have the opportunity to be a part of it next fall!”
Prospective Parent

In response to the Balance to Wellness seminar held April 2016:

Thank you so much for organizing this discussion, I thought it was fantastic. From the snacks to the ability to mingle with other parents, and especially the insight from the experts, it was a great event.
I appreciated the point of view from each of the experts who rounded out the panel from diverse disciplines. The whole panel was balanced! I learned new things, received great tips on encouraging activity at home, was reminded of key guidelines for nutrition, sleep and mental/emotional wellness in addition to a great deal of encouragement and shared laughter from the other parents. Each panelist was very thoughtful and considerate and had a lot to share.
The tasting with Tot Pot was fantastic as well. Now I know why my son eats so well at lunch! And I did not skip the massage. That was the cherry on top.
Thank you again!
 – Krista

“I wanted to send you a quick thank you note and express my gratitude for taking the time to meet with me this morning to show me First UMC Preschool. From the time I stepped on the grounds until I left I was impressed – everyone seemed to be so happy, from the children, staff and especially the parents I witnessed dropping off their children. It became evident to me from the beginning that First UMC is a place that fosters love & respect in a positive and peaceful environment. The children who are lucky enough to earn a spot within your program, I’m sure, go on to do great things having experienced such a profound first introduction to the world of education.

I’ve toured countless preschools over the last 6 months, and can say without hesitation that your school stands out in a big way from all the rest. I was so impressed to hear about the long tenures of your faculty and staff. That speaks volumes! The classrooms were so full of light and love. What a beautiful place to learn! Your curriculum is unlike any I’ve seen – enrichment courses, family style meals, chapel and outdoor classrooms were just a few that really stood out to me as valuable components I hope my son will get to experience. The children in each classroom seemed to be engaged, happy and relaxed. Bravo to all!”
– Prospective Parent

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