Prayer Quilt Ministry

What are Prayer Quilts and Prayer Squares?

A Prayer Quilt is a personal quilt, tied with heavy thread. These threads are tied with a square knot by members of the congregation during a worship service. As each knot is tied, a silent prayer is offered for the person receiving the quilt. There is no cost for the quilt – it is a gift of love and prayer. It is a statement of our faith in God and our belief in God’s power to comfort, strengthen, and heal.

In addition to Prayer Quilts, there are Prayer Squares.  Prayer Squares are much smaller, but also have ties that represent prayers.  They are often used in situations such as accidents, emergency surgery or hospitalization, when a quilt is not requested but prayer is wanted, or when time is a factor.  They are also given to work teams going on service projects, for baby’s baptisms, and for youth when joining the church.  They are available in the church office for members of the congregation to pick up and give to others.

Who makes the quilts?  Can I help?

Volunteers make the quilts.  We would love to have you join us! You do not need to know how to quilt or even sew, as there are both sewing and non-sewing tasks to do.  If you’d like to be part of this rewarding ministry, let us know.   We meet on the third Saturday of every month in room 300.

Who are the quilt recipients?

Prayer Quilts are for people in special need of prayer, primarily due to serious illness or injury, and challenging life circumstances.

There are three guiding principles for this ministry:

-The recipient agrees to receive the prayers and the quilt (no surprises please!)
-The purpose is prayer, not the quilt
-There is no charge for the quilt – it is a gift of love

Types of Help Needed:

non-sewing: at end of service on Sunday, make sure ties are done, take down quilt, give to sponsor

non-sewing: help at monthly Saturday workshop to layer and pin quilts in preparation for quilting

non-sewing: keep up our scrapbook of quilts that have been prayed

non-sewing: help prepare kits of tops and backs and prayer squares for others to sew at home

hand sewing: put ties into quilts and prayer squares;can be done at monthly Saturday workshop or at home

machine sewing: sew tops and backs, quilt and bind quilts, sew prayer squares at home or at monthly Saturday workshop

To REQUEST a Prayer Quilt
1) Talk to the intended recipient:
-Ask if the person is willing to be prayed for and to receive a quilt.
-Ask how much of their situation may be shared publicly.
-Ask what specific prayers are wished for
2) Contact Maile Marquand ( or Sue Payne (
3) Select the quilt if some are already made, or suggest colors if one is to be made.
4) Ask family and friends to attend the worship service when the quilt is “prayed.”
5) Be present at church on the day of the praying and take the quilt to the recipient.
6) If possible, take a picture of the recipient and the quilt for our scrapbook.

Prayers and Squares, the Prayer Quilt Ministry, began near San Diego in 1992. First UMC became a chapter in 2003. Churches of many denominations are part of Prayers and Squares. Hundreds, maybe thousands of quilts have been made and “prayed,” each a gift of love. Unlike many other organizations that make quilts for charitable purposes, the purpose of Prayers & Squares is not to make and distribute quilts, but to promote prayer through the use of quilts.

Please feel free to stop by the church office to pick up a Prayer Square!