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Greetings from Do Re Mi!

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Greetings from Do Re Mi! 

Here is our March 2020 Theme: 

Kangaroos & Didgeridoos

We’ll travel to Australia, meet little Joeys, sing along to the sound of didgeridoos, dance in aboriginal style and wrap it all up with our hit of the month “Hip Hop Kangaroo.”

If you would like to bring this month’s theme into your classroom or home, please find links to songs and teaching materials below!


Hip Hop Kangaroo


Blue Kangaroo

Waltzing Matilda


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“I was spending some time with Milo this morning with the dry erase board and he starting drawing dots with lines. He says, “Do you know what these are, Mommy? They are quarter notes”. And they were! He adds, I learned it from my music teacher. And he went on to draw more quarter notes. Thank you for having such a wonderful music program! I was so surprised!!” – First UMC Preschool Parent