Greetings from Do Re MiHappy Holidays!

The magic of the holidays is just around the corner. Although this year has been challenging for many, we will celebrate this special time of the year with some good old traditional winter music.


The Nutcracker



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Hello Everyone!

We hope you are all doing well, staying healthy and enjoying time with your family.

Our music classes have moved to a new platform, and what was suppose to do be just a couple of weeks of inconvenience, is now turning into long term planning.

To make our Zoom classes as enjoyable and possible, even virtually, we compiled a list of songs that we will most likely be using going forward.

Please note that our students are familiar with most of these tunes. We have covered them throughout the school year. We will use most of them during our Zoom classes so that children can enjoy the familiar material. They are all on Spotify or Apple Tunes and are sorted by categories. I also included the list of musical props we will be using. Musical props are optional; if you don’t have them, do not worry. We can always use our hands or be creative. Please see below.

  • Sticks – can be a couple of pencils
  • Maracas – can be a closed cup with seeds
  • Scarves – can be any piece of cloth
  • The drum – can be any box or pot
  • Butterflies – can be our fingers


Our Do Re Mi Hello, Hello Song!

Classical Pieces Students Love!

Songs With Body Movement!

Stand Up and Dance!

Country Sounds!

Latin America!


Our Do Re Mi GoodBye Song!


Stay safe and healthy. We hope to see you all in the classroom as soon as possible 🙂

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“I was spending some time with Milo this morning with the dry erase board and he starting drawing dots with lines. He says, “Do you know what these are, Mommy? They are quarter notes”. And they were! He adds, I learned it from my music teacher. And he went on to draw more quarter notes. Thank you for having such a wonderful music program! I was so surprised!!” – First UMC Preschool Parent


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