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September 2017 – Back to Classics!

Welcome back from Do Re Mi! This month we’re taking a trip back to a whole different era where wigs, castles and chamber music were apart of everyday life – The Classical Period! We’ll get to know some of the period’s most important composers and the works that made them famous. We’ll listen closely to discover the sneaky “surprise” in Haydn‘s “Surprise Symphony” and the stormy interval in “Beethoven’s 5th!” We’ll transform into tiny mice, scurrying our bodies through a dreamland of cheese to Mozart’s “Sonata Facile.” We’ll identify and find key musical terms like the musical “theme” in Mozart’s “12 Variations of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” and we’ll even clap out a cool rhythm to the fiery “Turkish March!”

If you would like to bring this month’s theme into your classroom or home, please find links to songs and teaching materials below!


Symphony No. 4 in G Major (Surprise Symphony)
Dancing Minuet

Famous Children – Mozart

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“I was spending some time with Milo this morning with the dry erase board and he starting drawing dots with lines. He says, “Do you know what these are, Mommy? They are quarter notes”. And they were! He adds, I learned it from my music teacher. And he went on to draw more quarter notes. Thank you for having such a wonderful music program! I was so surprised!!” – First UMC Preschool Parent