Labyrinth at First UMC

The Labyrinth is open on the *3rd Sunday of the month, 3 p.m. with the last walk at 4:30 p.m. and also by reservation.  The Labyrinth is intended for individuals, retreats, church and meditation groups, and the community at large to enjoy.  Email or call the church office (310) 393-8258 to schedule a walk.  Office closed on Mondays. *Date and times subject to change.

The Labyrinth laid in the Simkins Hall floor of First UMC Santa Monica is a replica of the Chartres Labyrinth laid in the cathedral around 1220 CE.  Walking the Labyrinth is an ancient spiritual practice, a way to quiet our minds and open our spirits to the presence of the Holy.  Every step a prayer. 







Every step Square.png

If you are interested in becoming a Labyrinth Host Volunteer contact Shalimar Carducci.

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