The First UMC Organ

Want to know the exact specifications of the First UMC organ? Click on the image to the left or Here to find out more.

4th Street Church Pump Organ Returns to First UMC
October 2022: In celebration of our upcoming 147th Anniversary, this Fall we welcome the return of one of our former organs! Originally located at the 4th Street church, the instrument was moved to this 11th Street location in 1953 when the Sanctuary was completed, but was not used since the Sanctuary was built with a new pipe organ. The pump organ was not being used and in need of repair, so the church decided to give it away, which led to it being adopted by longtime First UMC member Robert Wilson. He took it home and had it refurbished. The organ found new life when his son, David, took lessons from Tom Harmon, the church organist at the time. In 2002 the family moved to Rancho Santa Fe, which is where the organ has been for the last 20 years… until now! The gorgeous instrument has made its way back to the choir room all these years later, and is ready to shine and inspire us with its history and longevity.

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