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December 2021: A surprise gift from the A.C.T. players of First UMC! A reading of “A Christmas Carol” done with a lot of love and joy:

December 2020:

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ACT presents: “Christmas Choir” Online Play
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ACT(All Community Theater) and Ben Ing present “Christmas Choir,” a hilarious homage to a church choir, whose members are there for just about every other reason than to sing, (in contrast to our outstanding First UMC music program and Chancel Choir which we so look forward to hearing again in person!) The play features some of ACTs best actors in their ZOOM debuts. The show was written by Pat Cook, with direction by Ben Ing and Dorothy Nichols, and features First UMC members: Emily Payne, Linda Diane Anderson, Carol Reich, Kendra Gorlitsky, Cindy McQuade, Wynn Battig, Jack Fry, Chris Reagh, Carmen Herrera, Sarah Rold, Dan Nessel, Michael Lamb, Mark Labella, and with the very active help of understudies, Larry Young and David Penson.

The Story: Ten disgruntled choir members rehearse for their church’s Christmas concert under the direction of a little league football referee, whose only qualification is that he owns a whistle. As the rehearsal progresses we learn the reason each member is there – and it isn’t to sing. A sarcastic cameraman attempts to take pictures for the program as the group begins spinning out of control. Thankfully, their young, new pastor arrives and gives them some much-needed perspective.

When asked why he decided to tackle creating a Livestream video production, Ben Ing says, “In a time of isolation, I thought it would be important to bring our ACT members together to create a sense of community for them, and to share with our church members this entertaining project. The play “Christmas Choir” appealed to me because of its large cast, its humor, and its strong Christian message. Doing it livestream seemed the only safe way to do it, and so I decided to take on the ZOOM technical challenge and see if we could make it work. As entertaining as it is ending up to be, the most important thing for me is how much fun the cast has had in experiencing the use of this new “venue.” Thanks to Ben, Dorothy, and all of the cast, for bringing some Christmas cheer to us!
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