Theater – A.C.T.

Wanna put on a show? The All Community Theater program, or simply known as “Act,” is dedicated to the whole church community and its neighbors, having a good time. Why should the kids in C.A.S.T. have all the fun?

There is a need in each of us to step outside ourselves, to put aside our everyday cares, to take up another character, to sing and dance and act with the God given talent and desire inherent in ALL human beings, regardless of our age.

A.C.T. is dedicated to giving a space in a supportive environment, where each of us can feel free to create and perform, for our own edification, as well as to entertain, teach and hopefully delight those who come to watch.

Wanna put on a show? Come join us!  For more information contact Dorothy Nichols by filling out the form below.