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Faith for Today and Bright Hope for Tomorrow

Your steady and reliable financial support has seen us through lean times. We rejoice in these blessings and give thanks to God! Now it’s time to lean into the hope that comes from God, pledging to do our part through our generous giving and financial pledge for 2022. If you are able, take a step up and increase your pledge. If you have not yet known the joy of regular giving, make a pledge to support the work of the church in this new year. Each gift makes a difference. Each pledge is an investment in the lives of God’s people. Each act of faithful giving spreads God’s love and hope far and wide and deep.

Faith for today and bright hope for tomorrow! Now we can do even more. Let’s discover together God’s glorious blessings poured out on us and through our faithful giving and generosity, shared abundantly with all.

Thanks be to the God of hope!

Rev. Patricia Farris
Senior Minister

Church members share their connections and favorite things about being part of First UMC Santa Monica. 

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