Your continued financial support of the church is now more important than ever.  You may mail your pledge to the church or drop it into the mail slot of our offices any day of the week.  You may give on-line or mail checks through your online banking programs.  You may continue to earmark gifts for our various mission projects, including Pennies for Haiti.  You may choose to give an extra gift to our Nicodemus* Fund which is a small fund set-up to provide emergency financial support to members in need.  

And, as a fun and sweet way to remind our community that we care, if you continue to donate to the Flower Fund to remember or honor a loved one, your gifts will go towards a flower delivery to homebound seniors of the church community.

*Nicodemus – Patron Saint of Seekers. May he protect the seeker in each of us from condemnation and condescension. May he guide seekers’ steps in the way that leads to eternal life. May he place us in the company of compassionate teachers whose love defines a new community of hope and grace. May he give us courage to dare to love God with heart, mind, soul and strength.

A church fund was developed in 2002 called the Nicodemus Fund to provide small, no-interest loans to persons in relationship with the church. Loans are given at the pastors’ discretion pursuant to a written contract. Donors and recipients are anonymous. We hope you will donate towards this important ministry.