You may have noticed the re-instated Children’s Message during worship recently! Jamie Jones, the Sunday School teachers, and a few other special guests will be offering weekly messages to children at the beginning of worship each Sunday. This means our families will begin worship with us each week in the Sanctuary before heading to Sunday School following the Children’s Message. To help welcome our kids back into the Sanctuary, you are invited to look around and greet a child and their family each Sunday. You might hear a few more giggles and whispers or see some wiggles…let’s celebrate the joyful and life-filled presence beloved children bring to our community each week!

Sunday School Curriculum
The focus of Celebrate Wonder is all about honoring the spiritual life of children. It offers a weekly video, experiential activities, spiritual practices, and reflection that encourages children to explore faith, inviting them into conversation and developing deeper connections to the Bible and to faith. 

We hope your child and family will join us on this journey of exploring, celebrating, and wondering about faith as we navigate the unique time in our world.

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Additional Children and Family Resources

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