Youth Service Project (YSP)

Youth Service Project (YSP)

October 2, 2022: Youth Service Project Report Back

The Youth Service Project team is excited to share experiences from their summer service trip with the church community! The team spent a week helping residents in New Orleans working with Epworth Recovery Project. You’re invited in-person or via Zoom on Sunday, October 2, after worship (11 a.m.) to see their presentation. Lunch will be provided in Simkins Hall.

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Each summer, a team of youth and adult volunteers from First UMC Santa Monica take time out of their summer vacations to go on a week-long mission trip. During the trip, youth learn about themselves and build relationships with people from all over the U.S., they learn teamwork and how to use power tools, and they are given the opportunity to help people to gain a safe, warm, and dry home to live in through their work. This service leadership opportunity helps youth to grow in their faith through serving others. We collaborate with reputable youth-centered service organizations, and while the location of the trips varies each year, the mission remains the same: Be in community and of service to those in need.

Summer 2022: Youth Service Project (YSP) – New Orleans

A group of 22 youth and adult volunteers from First UMC Santa Monica will be spending a week this summer helping residents in New Orleans working with an organization called Epworth Recovery Project. They have been active in the area since Hurricane Katrina. We are looking forward to helping people gain a safe, warm and dry home to live in, and most of all, we are looking forward to growing in faith through this service leadership opportunity.

This is our first service trip since the pandemic began and we are excited to make this commitment. 

In our youth group we talk about how our faith relates to our everyday lives and how we have the power to make a difference for one another in our world. We are guided by Jesus’ words inviting us to love one another and help those in need. The youth who have worked on service projects come back from their experience transformed, as you can see from pictures and videos at the bottom of this page.  

Our work is to share God’s love by working together to restore homes, empower people and change lives.


A LOOK BACK: 2018 YSP Epworth Project

Video by Adam Guerrero

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Youth Service Project – Radio Feature
While the youth were on their trip, the local Smith River Community Radio station did a feature about the service project, and First UMC Youth Emily Plukas was part of the group that was interviewed. Listen Here

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