Youth Service Project

“Appalachia Service Project is a Christian ministry, open to all people, that inspires hope and service through volunteer home repair in Central Appalachia. Our vision is to see substandard housing eradicated and everyone who comes into contact with our ministry transformed.”

WHERE: Appalachia Mountains (location will be assigned in the Spring)

WHO: Leaders: Adam Guerrero, Dan Stirling, Emily Payne, Tricia Guerrero


Amelie Hughes
Andrew Buxton
Annie Fouquette
Annika Dodd
Cassy Williams
Cristina Marban
Dara I’Anson
Emily Plukas
Emma Crawford
John Buxton
Leo Rapoport
Lincoln Hughes
Megan Crawford
Natalia Quintana

WHEN: June 20th – June 28th, 2020

WHAT: We will be working on home repairs for people with limited financial resources.

WHY: Jesus tells us that we are called to love others and to be a light for the world, through our service work we spread hope, love and embody God’s grace.

A LOOK BACK: YSP 2019 Sierra Service Project

Youth Service Project – Radio Feature
While the youth were on their trip, the local Smith River Community Radio station did a feature about the service project, and First UMC Youth Emily Plukas was part of the group that was interviewed. Listen Here

A LOOK BACK: 2017 YSP Appalachia Service Project

In 2017, the team worked with Appalachia Service Project in the Appalachia Mountains at the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. They repaired homes in a small rural community for people with limited financial resources.

Video by Adam Guerrero

Music: The Chainsmokers & Coldplay – Something Just Like This (Lyric)