Why is my financial support of First UMC important?
We each have a vital part to play, sharing of the riches God has entrusted to us to undergird the work of this historic congregation and equip it for the future God unfolds.

How is my financial support of First UMC being used?
The church operates with a conservative annual spending plan of $1.3M.
Support comes from six pillars; your pledge support, designated giving, facility usage, trustees, methodist foundation, and preschool. The spending plan supports our mission in four main areas; worship life (39%), congregation and community care (19%), local and world outreach (20%), and youth, children, families (22%).

What is a pledge?
A pledge is a commitment by you to give a stated amount to First UMC for the following year – usually in monthly payments (or weekly or quarterly, if that works better for you).

Why does the church prefer that I make a pledge rather than putting money in the plate each Sunday?
Quite simply, First UMC can rely on your pledge as predictable income – whether you are in worship that Sunday or not. This enables us to accurately budget for the coming year’s expenses in all that we are called to do.

What is an appropriate pledge?
The amount of your pledge is between you and God. It is a Holy Habit of generosity that you cultivate over your lifetime. As a frame of reference, it may be helpful for you to know that in 2022, the average annual pledge was just over $2,900.

What options are available for fulfilling my pledge?
We welcome cash, checks, credit cards via our secure on-line website, automatic checking drafts, and gifts of appreciated stock. The church business office is happy to assist you with any of these options.

When am I asked to pledge?
Every year we will consecrate (make holy) our giving during Sanctuary Worship service on Consecration Sunday, which is in November. Bring your completed pledge card to worship with you. You may also pledge at any time during the year.

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