We continue to accept donations to the Flower Fund to remember or honor a loved one for Sunday Worship service, or for home-bound seniors


About the Flower Fund Ministry
A big thank you to church members Mike and Patty Eskridge, owners of Culver City Flowers, for adorning our church with flowers each Sunday (except during Lent). Two striking, large, beautiful colorful bouquets are on display each week. We give thanks for all things living and beautiful. A few questions we often receive:

How can I participate in the ministry?
Do you have a loved one you would like to dedicate flowers to on a given week? Yes, the church office can assist with the dedication and the cost is $80. Please reserve weeks in advance as the dedications often fill up. Click link above to order.

I love to see the flowers in the Sanctuary each week but don’t want to dedicate
flowers. May I still donate towards this ministry?

Yes, you may donate the gift of money anytime during the year. Just designate on your donation “flower fund.”

The flowers are gorgeous each week. What happens to them after Sunday?
If a member has reserved a dedication of flowers for the week, they may bring them home after Sunday service or by appointment with the church office.

Sometimes I see Poinsettias and Easter flowers on the chancel during the year.
What are these flowers for?

Yes, twice a year during Christmas and Easter, you can help beautify the Sanctuary with Poinsettias and Lilies. This is an opportunity to dedicate a flower in honor of your loved one for a small donation. A dedication page with all dedications will be present in the OOW for
the service and each dedication receives one plant after service. More information to follow for the upcoming Easter service.

If flowers are not claimed, what happens to them?
We have a Care Ministry that our Congregation Care Associate Anne Premer oversees. When there is time, she is able to make several smaller bouquets and deliver them to congregation members. The small bouquets are a reminder that the church is always present and alive connecting us to one another through sights, smells, and love.

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