Bible Study

New Bible Study with Rev. Larry Young
We’re excited to announce that Rev. Larry Young will be leading a new Zoom class entitled “Reading the Old Testament Through Jewish Eyes,” beginning on Thursday, October 7 and running for 6 weeks. Duplicate sessions will be offered at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. each Thursday via Zoom. The class will focus on the Torah – the first five Old Testament books, and will follow the Rabbi Evan Moffic’s workbook and videos.

Rabbi Moffic has a special passion for communicating a specifically Jewish understanding of the Torah to Christian audiences. His aim is to give us a sense of how Jesus would have understood these scriptures.

Instructions for ordering the student book will be given when you sign up for the class. To sign up, email Rev. Larry at

Men’s Breakfast/Bible Study

Tuesdays: 7 a.m., via Zoom

ONLINE:  Men’s Bible Study is a weekly meeting where men of all ages and generations gather to ground themselves in the Holy Scripture. As men try to navigate the stresses and complexities of this modern world and daily life, Men’s Bible Study is a place for community, prayer and fellowship through the sharing of God’s Holy word.

Come by as your schedule permits! For more information and to add yourself to the email list contact Jack Pearson.