Children, Youth, and Family Collaborative (CYFC)

For many years our congregation have been proud supporters of the Children, Youth, and Family Collaborative (CYFC), a nonprofit organization serving over 2,500 foster youth and youth on probation at 50 sites in Southern California. Foster youth face many challenges in their daily lives, often struggling with academics and positive social development. Too often foster youth are shifted from foster home to foster home and do not have the opportunity to develop a sense of security.

From Linda Diane Anderson: “Children, Youth & Family Collaborative Walkathon on 6/18/22. Grateful to walk with my team from First UMC of Santa Monica and CYFC staff, volunteers, and supporters who are passionate about serving children in foster care and other at-risk youth.” 
Thanks to Rev. Larry Young and the First UMC Team of Linda Diane Anderson, William, Jocelyn & Loren Garner, David Mayhan (photo credit) Cindy McQuade and dog Zira!

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