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Photo Challenge Photos

Sharing photos is a great way to stay connected during this time. Occasionally, we’ll put out a photo challenge in the Friday Community Email. Sign up here to receive the email.

– Email 1 or 2 pics to Shalimar Carducci
– Post it on your own Facebook or Instagram; Don’t forget to tag us @santamonicaumc so we can repost your pics!

Worshipping From Home – Updated Regularly

We asked you to share photos of yourself as you attend our online worship service.

View Worshipping From Home Photos Here

See What Love Can Do

Have you experienced or witnessed moments of love throughout our current situation?  Perhaps you’d like to share it and thus inspire some of us who could use a smile.

Visit the SEE WHAT LOVE CAN DO PAGE to view photo, vidoe, and written submissions.


YOUR PETS! Let’s not forget our beloved furry or water creatures and everything in between. Don’t have a pet? Draw one! Or is your pet no longer with you? Send an old photo! Happy clicking!

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Missing social connection? Well chances are someone out there is missing a connection with you. So, our next photo challenge is a self-portrait. It can be a selfie or taken by your house mates but it must be a new photo of you right now during our current situation, not your office headshot from 2003 or last year’s summer vacay pics.

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Home Sweet Home

Take a picture of your favorite place in your home.  Include a sentence or two as to why you like that place so much.  Send it by the end of Thursday, April 2nd.  We’ll share it in next week’s email and on our social media.

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Palm Sunday 2019

View photos on the church Facebook Page.

Habitat for Humanity – Patience House Build

Saturday July 7, 2018

Messy Church Family Camp

Memorial Day Weekend May 2018

Photos throughout the years.