Letter From a Grandparent – 2014


Dear Ms. Yessica, Ms. Debra & Ms. Spector,

“Let’s run!”

That is what Madeleine says to me every morning as I get her
out of her car seat and we head for the school. She loves the
school, each of you, her classmates and her experience of the

As a lifelong educator myself, I have been a teacher, principal,
school superintendent and state education commissioner. I have
also helped raise two great children who have produced five
amazing grandchildren.

As Maddy’s grandfather I bring her to school and collect her
at the end of the day. I see and hear, and feel a lot about
the school. I have been in many, many schools and pre-schools
in various communities: First UMC is in the very top group in
every respect: personal, social, emotional, academic, and values

I want to salute the amazing school you have created and
applaud your personal contribution to it. I will forever be
grateful for what you have given Madeleine. And the lessons
she brings forward from First UMC pre-school will propel her
into a life of goodness, service and joyful participation. I love
your quote on the webpage: “It is the supreme art of the teacher
to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” – Albert

You walk that talk.

Thank you.

Thomas C. Boysen, Ed. D


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