Advice to Our Students by First UMC member Mira Pak.

1. For every hour you spend in a class, you need to plan on two-three hours of independent study time.

2. Do not schedule classes, work, and practices back-to-back. Schedule time in between so that you can process the first class before you rush off to the next.

3. Learn about the services available for students. Know where to find help when you need it – financial, psychological, social, academic.

4. Find a good, quiet place to study: use that space only for academic work – don’t use it to nap or play video games.

5. Make lots of new friends, join clubs, find small-sized study groups.

6. Do NOT neglect your church-going. Going to Sunday services can keep you grounded no matter how far away from home you feel. Most important of all: Wherever you go or don’t go, First UMC is always home for you. You are welcome here no matter what.

This article first appeared in the June/July 2011 Sentinel.

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