UMCOR – Disaster Relief

What is UMCOR? 

To donate towards UMCOR’s Domestic Response (Advance #901670) and help those affected by natural disasters in the U.S. CLICK HERE.

To donate towards UMCOR’s International Disaster Reponse (Advance #982450) and help bring moments of peace, refuge, relief, and hope to those affected by conflict or war CLICK HERE.

Alternate Ways To Support UMCOR:
– When giving directly to UMCOR, you may credit First UMC of Santa Monica by selecting our state and church name.
– Online giving via the church website by clicking HERE and select the UMCOR fund.
– Make your check payable to “First UMC” with “Advance #982450” listed on the memo line and deliver/mail it to the church office or drop it in the offering plate during a worship service.