United States Disaster Response
When disasters happen, it is local churches that provide the first response to their communities. This basic understanding – that disaster response is local – forms the foundation for UMCOR’s U.S. disaster training and response efforts. To see the list of active responses in the US, and to bolster response efforts, go to: www.umcmission.org/umcor/serve/us-disaster-response

Wildfires in California
UMCOR is already actively engaged in California in response to previous wildfires and we anticipate supporting both conferences as they identify and respond to the needs of the populations affected by the current wildfires.

We pray for the safety of the firefighters and first responders as well as those evacuating their homes. UMCOR stands ready to support the response of the conferences with relief kits, Early Response Teams, and funding.

Click here to learn more.

What is UMCOR? 

When UMCOR donors designate their contribution for a particular program or disaster response, UMCOR uses 100 percent of it on that program—none of it gets funneled back into fundraising or operating costs.  Read more…

A home along a road to Utuado, Puerto Rico collapsed during Hurricane Maria. The hurricane made landfall on Sept. 20, 2017 causing devastation to the island. Photo by Gustavo Vasquez, UMNS

To donate towards UMCOR’s Domestic Response (Advance #901670) and help those affected by natural disasters in the U.S. CLICK HERE.

To donate towards UMCOR’s International Disaster Reponse (Advance #982450) and help bring moments of peace, refuge, relief, and hope to those affected by conflict or war CLICK HERE.

Alternate Ways To Support UMCOR:

– When giving directly to UMCOR, you may credit First UMC of Santa Monica by selecting our state and church name.
– Online giving via the church website by clicking HERE and select the UMCOR fund.
– Make your check payable to “First UMC” with “UMCOR” listed on the memo line and deliver/mail it to the church office or drop it in the offering plate during a worship service.

For assistance, contact Christina Eddy, Business Administrator at (310) 393-8258 ext. 108 or fill out the form below.


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